Career Coaching for Travel and hospitality Managers

If you're feeling restless about your career, then it could be you're thinking about the following.

  • Being in the travel & hospitality industry so long that you've forgotten what your skills and strengths are.
  • Wanting change but you're not sure whether it's a similar job role or something else you're seeking.
  • Your years of steadfast service are an asset and yet you're not confident about your future work situation.

Having worked within the travel industry for over 30 years, on both the supplier and buyer side, I've gone through similar experiences.

Programme Benefits

Coaching requires commitment to make things happen. It's this action that has a profound impact on people.

  • They feel increased confidence and energy to move ahead with their decisions.
  • Are more aware of their strengths and values that are important to them.
  • Have a renewed sense of purpose and clarity about their future career.
  • They're prepared and have an action plan to move forward.

Introductory Meeting (30 minutes)- FREE

The coaching programme starts with a 30-minute consultation (virtual or telephone) to decide which programme is appropriate. There are two programmes on offer, each lasting 2 months.

Programme 1-"Discover your Strengths", for those who are not sure about which direction they are heading but want to invest in their personal development the investment is £600.

Programme 2-"Vision and Action", when you're sure about what you want but need help with planning and getting you there. For some, this may include mock interview training. A further personal development investment of £600.

To find out more, book an introductory meeting at a time that suits you