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Behaviours of Successful Sales and Business Development Managers


Audience:  Delivered In-house Corporate Selling, Sales, Commercial, Business Development and Account Managers

Whether you're highly experienced sales manager or just starting out, this workshop focuses on motivating managers to take their performance to the next level.

With an emphasis on behaviour, the programme identifies the key ingredients of successful individuals.

It is said that some people are born salespeople. Often a euphemism for "they're good talkers". But talking a lot, as well as being a strength, can in certain circumstances be a weakness if not managed correctly. Having high levels of Credibility and being Determined are equally as important. These two behaviours are just 2 of several being covered in this workshop.

Learners will be taken through each behaviour to understand the benefits and the skills required. Learners will be shown how to assess their personal performance to identify areas for continued personal development. 

"I learned of the importance of communication and my own personal development"

"What was good about the training was that it gave me good action points I can take back to the business"

"Russell came across with confidence and was able to hold the attention of the whole group throughout the day. Very good!"

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Understanding Procurement- for Sales and Business Development Managers


Audience: Delivered In-house for Sales, Commercial and Business Development Managers

Ever wondered how corporate buyers assess and make decisions about purchasing products and services? It's not all about the cheapest price.

When sales, commercial, and relationship managers learn more about how the buying process works from a procurement perspective, they'll feel more confident and be better placed for success in their roles.

Course content will take managers through understanding what motivates buyers to buy and outline the processes of how RFP's are assessed.  

"I have a far clearer insight into the mind of the buyer, and the areas I can develop to increase and grow to win more business"

"It was good to learn from an industry professional, on the buyer side of the business"

"All round excellent training course, very useful giving valuable insights"

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Interview Training


Audience: Delivered 1-2-1. For managers attending a job interview or internal promotion interview

If you've got a key interview coming up, be it for an internal promotion or for a new job interview, plan and prepare to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

Attending an interview can be a daunting experience. It's personal. You're selling yourself, you're the product, you're the brand. How do you rise above your competitors?

Everything you say and do at the interview should be designed to positively influence and give an impressive performance to the hirer. You want to be memorable for the right reasons!

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