Career coaching for midlife managers

Career Coaching for sales & Business Development Managers

During any career it's common to reach a point when the buzz, energy and adrenaline felt in early career can begin to fade. It can be caused by a life event, i.e. marriage, divorce, bereavement, or a change in work circumstances (new manager, new owners) or reaching a stage of burn out.

This feeling of reaching a crossroads may result in a requirement for a career realignment, perhaps even a change of direction.

Managers may want to align more with their personal values, motivations, and interests. Having been solely focused on the success of their careers, identifying what's next can be a challenge. 

For managers who know what they want, attaining it can be a daunting challenge. This may involve job marketing and selling yourself. It's often easier to market something else than it is ourselves.

Career coaching provides impartial, independent advice and provides you with a range of tools and techniques to prepare you for your next career move.

Programme Benefits

  • Increased confidence and energy to move ahead with decisions
  • Affirmation of strengths and values including any newly discovered strengths
  • Overcoming indecision, have new ideas, and have increased clarity about future career
  • Be more aware of work vision for the years ahead, have Improved marketability and be prepared for interviews (if required)

Introductory Meeting (30 minutes)- FREE

Our career coaching programme starts with a 30-minute consultation to decide which programme is appropriate. There are two programmes on offer, each lasting 2 months.

"Discover your Strengths", for those who are not sure about which direction they are heading.

"Vision and Action", when you're sure about what you want but need help with planning and getting you there. For some, this may include mock interview training. 

To find out more, book an introductory meeting at a time that suits you