Create Redundancy Programme

Helping workers facing redundancy to confidently find new work and happiness...

Are you someone that has,

  • Worked for a company for years.
  • Dutifully and supportively reposted the company announcements.
  • Been a loyal and faithful employee.
  • Used the expression, "we" when talking about what you and your company do.

If you have, then chances are you'll not be happy with facing redundancy.

You may even view redundancy as a form of rejection or betrayal.

It doesn't help, no matter how much they tell you, "it's not you personally, it's the position that's being made redundant".

That may be so, but the impact on redundant workers can range from being mild, through to being in shock. I've heard people losing their jobs describe their redundancy as feeling like they have PTSD.

Which is why, when you're in scope for redundancy, you must,

  • manage your emotions and behaviour
  • maintain your confidence
  • regain your identity
  • align your values and work interests

Thse are essential ingredients to successfully find new work and future happiness.

The CREATE Redundancy programme addresses these key issues by working in 3 key areas.

Stage 1- Current reality

During this phase you'll be working on clarifying where you truly are,

  • Understanding your world as it is now.
  • Managing the link between emotions and your behaviour.
  • Getting organised (finances, statutory redundancy protection).
  • Maintaining and improving your confidence.


Stage 2- Explore alternatives

This stage often gets overlooked by people facing redundancy who will often rush into contacting the recruitment company in their haste to find work.

During a working career, people rarely get the opportunity to spend time on their own development, now is the time to do so.

In stage 2 we delve deeper into what motivates, energises, and excites you.

  • Rediscovering your interests.
  • Delving deeply into what gives you work happiness.
  • Exploring ideas and options.

Stage 3- Target energy


Once you know more about yourself and your primary motivators, it's time to get into action. In this stage you'll cover,

  • Planning to make it happen.
  • Selling and marketing yourself (i.e. CV and LinkedIn).
  • Understanding the recruitment market (ATS, etc), self employment.
  • Building resilience and holding yourself accountable.
  • Maintaining your momentum and motivation

How does the programme work

The "CREATE- redundancy programme" starts with a 30-minute free consultation.

We'll be working on a 1-2-1 basis so it's important you feel comfortable with how the programme will work.

We'll have 2 hourly meetings a month, spread over 4 months, using a video conference meeting platform.

In between sessions I'll be available to support you with advice when you need a sounding board.

During our time together I'll be providing you with a system of tools and techniques to move you forward.

It will require time, commitment and focus on your part. During our meeting sessions, you'll need privacy and the time to talk without interruption.

I only work with a small cohort of people at any one time to maximise the attention I can give. If you're unsuccessful in your application at the first time of asking, I'll propose a date for the next available place.

It's always advisable to book early.

Duration and investment

The programme duration is over 4 months with your investment in each module starting at £500 inclusive.

At the end of the programme, providing you've completed the work, you'll leave feeling energised, confident, happier, and well placed to obtain your next career move.

You're going through a pivotal time in your life. You owe it to yourself to give it your best effort. There can be no stronger motivation to succeed.

To find out more contact Russell below.