Career coaching for midlife managers

CV and LinkedIn Updating

If you're like most people, you've not touched your CV or LinkedIn profile in some while.

You've not felt the need to. Perhaps you've had the same job for years, or maybe you've obtained previous roles through people you knew, your connections.

It's only when change is on the horizon that the need to update your credentails becomes a priority.

CV's or resumes are a statement of your life working history, they summarise career progression by detailing who you've worked for, when and what you did in terms of job role, and most importantly, what your accomplishments were.

Your statement has to be written and formatted/presented in a highly persuasive and credible manner.

You're seeking to influence the hirer/recruiter that you're a good fit, that you're worth shortlisting for a closer look and possibly an interview.

The world of work is a competitive landscape, even more so if you're over 50.

Your ability to persuade and influence using your CV and covering letter must be impactful.

The marketing of your personal brand does not stop with your CV. Most recruiters/hirers, be they agencies, HR, or hiring managers, will look at your LinkedIn profile.

They'll want to find out more about who you are. If you've only logged onto LinkedIn occasionally, and not updated your LinkedIn profile, you're selling youself short and undermining your influence.

Personal Branding Package

Cost  £450

Having been involved in numerous CV filtering and hiring projects during my career, I can help you structure, format, write and position yourself for future success.

Here's what the Personal Branding Package includes;

  • Initial 60 minute interview to dissect what you're currently portraying in your CV (in my experience, people underestimate their strengths and accomplishments)
  • Feedback, recommendations and help with improving your current CV (it's surprising what people miss)
  • Assessement and recommendations on how to improve your public facing LinkedIn profile

If you're not getting interviews, and receiving little feedback about why you're not getting any success, it's likely your personal branding is letting you down and needs an overhaul.

To find out more contact me at or book an introductory meeting at a time that suits you