Middle Managers- Do You Feel Trapped In Your Job ?

When you've become an established middle manager its not uncommon to feel trapped in your job.

Nobody likes to feel trapped, and yet that's exactly what can happen to middle managers when they've reached a plateau in their career. Externally, colleagues may view them as the same person they've always known. However, nobody truly knows whats happening mentally.

We're all aware of the need for mental wellness and the dangers of stress, fatigue and burn out are regular talked about. But who can middle managers turn to when they have these issues?

There is of course the understanding boss or internal HR manager, but regrettably many managers feel that admitting to frailties or perceived vulnerabilities risks being construed as a sign of weakness. There could also be a perceived conflict of interest if a change of career is being thought about.

Whatever change is being considered, a key consideration is whether to retain the trappings of success, the job title, salary, company benefits and way of life. There is the option of walking away from it all, but many managers still have financial obligations, children's education, or a mortgage to contend with. 

Its no wonder that many mid carer managers elect to do nothing when faced with these issues. Only they can answer whether this is sustainable or whether they should seek alternative help.  

Career coaching can help with figuring out what the next step is. If the issues above resonate with you, book a 20 minute FREE discovery call to see whether the programme can help you.

Photo by Andreas Haslinger on Unsplash