Helping Sales, Commercial and Business Development Professionals with Work and Career Support.....

Are you someone who is feeling stuck, frustrated, or unhappy with your work.

You may be considering whether to change jobs. Perhaps you'd like to explore changing direction entirely. If so, what would you do? 

If you're reading this and feel a sense of "this could be me", you are not alone. Managers often reach a point where they need a change.

A change brought on by company pressure or from personal circumstances. 

I've worked with managers over a number of years to help them feel happier with their work and career direction through personal coaching.

  • Helping to decide  what's next career wise,
  • Supporting people facing redundancy or lay offs
  • Finding more meaningful work, honing interview skills, sharpening a CV for an internal promotion or new job
  • Exploring a career change using values and interests, perhaps even starting a new business

"Russell quickly put a programme into play that was based on my employment journey. He explored what motivates and interests me. Having great constructive conversations, relevant project work, and defined next steps enabled me to increase my confidence and self belief. I could clearly see my worth"- Sales Director, Travel Industry

I've coached managers on a 1-2-1 basis, whose roles have encompassed sales, commercial and business development for over 10 years.

Each client is unique, which is why I offer a free 30 minute introductory session to understand more about what changes in work and career they want to make.

Russell is extremely engaging, asks great, meaningful questions and has superb intuition and listening skills. He lives and breathes strengths and growth mindset-Sales Manager - Hospitality

If you're a sales, commercial or business development professional needing help with a work or career issue, then I invite you to get in contact. 

book a 30 minute consultation

Russell Hart

Career Coach

I've worked in the corporate sector for over 30 years in various senior managerial roles involving sales, commercial, business development, consulting and procurement. I've experienced the various pressures and challenges that managers face.

I've also experienced numerous company restructures, mergers, acquisitions and redundancy. I've learned a lot during my career journey. I have no regrets, each role has been a valuable learning experience

Russell Hart Career Coach

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