Helping corporate workers with career change..

Feeling unhappy at work, perhaps you dread Sunday nights?

You maybe someone who once loved their job but now you dislike it so much it's making you feel unhappy.

The same unhappiness can also be felt if you're in a redundancy situation.

Many career professionals crave a happier, more fulfilling work life, ideally in a field that aligns with their values.

This is where career coaching can help.

Career change can be done in a number of ways. Whether it's changing position, different role, same industry, or moving to a different industry, there are so many options available,  

Don't settle for the first job available. Take charge and chart a new course with careful planning and support.

Invest in your future. You deserve to be happier.

  • Spend more time on meaningful work.
  • Feel excited and energised.
  • Attain financial stability and security.
  • Most importantly, find happiness.

Who I Am:

I have extensive experience helping corporate workers like you find fulfillment in their careers. Here's how I can assist:

  • Diagnosis of existing problem and helping you find a solution.
  • Helping you decide whether to stay or leave your current job.
  • Creating a plan for your future career change.
  • Navigate through redundancy or layoff.

Ready to make a change? Let's discuss how I can help you achieve your career aspirations. Book a free 30 minute session below.

Below are comments from people I've worked with. To join my followers, why not connect with me through LinkedIn.

" Russell, I cannot thank you enough for the immense effort and unwavering support you've given me. You are an inspiration." Associate Manager-Procurement

"I am looking forward to following your path ahead, I get inspired every day by your career advice and insights." Regional category manager

"Your talent of providing different perspectives has always been highly appreciated. The talent to calmly weather a storm is outstanding!" Global director

"Russell quickly put a programme into play that was based on my employment journey. He explored what motivates and interests me. Having great constructive conversations, relevant project work, and defined next steps enabled me to increase my confidence and self belief. I could clearly see my worth"- Sales Director, Travel Industry

Russell is extremely engaging, asks great, meaningful questions and has superb intuition and listening skills. He lives and breathes strengths and growth mindset"-Middle manager, Procurement


Russell Hart

Career Coach

I worked in the corporate sector for over 30 years in various senior managerial roles involving sales, commercial, business development, consulting, and procurement.

Alongside my corporate life I've coached and mentored people. People who want to improve their lives, to be happy and successful.

Russell Hart Career Coach

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