Helping midlife corporate workers with career transition..

With your current work, you're tired of receiving constant deadlines, attending pointless meetings, you feel frustrated by endless corporate bureaucracy.

Or perhaps change is being forced upon you by redundancy. You're either in scope or have already been made redundant.

You're not happy and need a change. You want to live a happier working life, ideally working in something that makes you feel good.

If you're reading this and feel a sense of "this is me", then it's time to consider how career coaching can help. 

Life's too short

It's not easy to make changes, you have responsibilities and commitments to think about. 

If you're facing redundancy, you may have an urgency to act speedily. But should you take the first job you can get?

Perhaps it's time to consider a new direction.

Change requires careful planning and it can be lonely and confusing doing it by yourself.

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining- John F. Kennedy

Your future

These may be issues you're currently considering but the end goal is clear. What you really want is to,

  • Spend more of your time on more meaningful work.
  • Feel excited and energised with the work you're doing.
  • Have a working life that is financially sustainable and secure.

More than anything, you want to feel happier.

Why Work with Me?

I've worked with midlife corporate workers for several years helping people to feel happier with their work and career direction.

" Hi Russell, I cannot thank you enough for the immense effort and unwavering support you've given me. You are an inspiration." Associate Manager-Procurement

"Russell quickly put a programme into play that was based on my employment journey. He explored what motivates and interests me. Having great constructive conversations, relevant project work, and defined next steps enabled me to increase my confidence and self belief. I could clearly see my worth"- Sales Director, Travel Industry

Russell is extremely engaging, asks great, meaningful questions and has superb intuition and listening skills. He lives and breathes strengths and growth mindset"-Middle manager, Procurement

If you're a midlife corporate worker who wants more control over your future, to feel excited, energised, and happier, then I invite you to get in contact. 

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Russell Hart

Career Coach

I've worked in the corporate sector for over 30 years in various senior managerial roles involving sales, commercial, business development, consulting, and procurement.

Alongside my corporate life I've coached and mentored people. People who want to improve their lives, to be happy and successful.

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